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Somnium Developer’s Diary Part 4

Somnium Card Game Test is Driving me Insane! lol

Ok I know you will all think I am crazy, but something weird is definitely going on. I don’t know if it’s lack of sleep or just that I have been 100% obsessed with the research on this project, but I swear it feels like it is actually affecting my brain.

The things I have seen and learned during this project have truly changed the way I see the world and people. There is something more in this world than what we see. Not to sound like a lunatic, but I really feel like the cards are actually bringing things in and out of our dimension. Some good and some not so good. I think there are good spirits trying to help me, but I won’t go off on a metaphysical tangent lol

I am torn between excitement and a little freaked out. I will play a bunch more times tonight and see how it goes. My scanner and camera both stopped working so I have to try to fix that so I can have pics to share with you guys. Wish me luck!

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