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Somnium Developer’s Diary Part 3

Somnium The Creepy Card Game

Welcome back everyone! I am still not ready to show you any of the pictures of the game components yet, but I definitely wanted to come here to tell you what research and development has yielded.

I noticed that one of my sketches looked familiar and not just because it was in my dream. Without giving any spoilers it turns out it was an image from an actual event that happened in the town where I live.

On a whim I started using internet image searches and came up with more matches using the sketches I worked up for the cards. It is now looking like everything in my dream may be connected to actual events and characters throughout history. I am not sure if this is awesome or creepy! Hahaha but it is pretty interesting! I will get some pics of the news articles and bring links when I can.

I have been feeling EXTREMELY drained lately and pulling a lot of all nighters on this project and I guess I have been overdoing it! So just be patient and I will have some awesome stuff to show you soon.


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