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Adoxia’s Cube Demo

Available now for testing this game as a few unique components you’ll love.

Once upon a time there was a lovely girl named Adoxia. She was feeling discontent because 2 weeks ago her boyfriend vanished.

One night she goes to sleep and wakes up in a concrete cube room with 6 hatch doors leading to other rooms. She is trying to find her way out and learn what she can about the cube and maybe rescue her boyfriend from the cube as well.

In the cube are people who have been trapped there just like Adoxia. Some of them have gone mad while others will help her.

Nerd details:

I wanted to create a game that would take place in one area, but spawn in items as needed according to a 3d cube mapping system.

Technically when you leave a room, you are just teleporting to the opposite door while the system deletes and then spawns the items for the new room. These include friends, enemies, traps and other items such as ladders or moving platforms. The walls of the room change their materials based on where they are in the 3d Cube map.

I wanted to be sure to use a ragdoll effect on all the people in the cube and I absolutely knew we had to have enemies that may sometimes fight each other.

The game also needed to have NPC’s that will join you and fight with you. In particular because I wanted them to set off traps, but also they help fight enemies.

The cube is technically infinite. I have it design a number of rooms first, but if you go beyond those rooms it will create those rooms on the fly.

You can load your last inventory from the options menu (Press ~) and I recently started playing with making a Survival Mode.

I wanted the game to have special items to collect which all correspond to different plants. Clues on the walls tell you where to find them.

That’s it for now.

I will upload a new version another time.

What do you think?

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