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The Use of Spies

Fast Strategy game for 2 players heavily based on Sun Tzu


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The Use of Spies is a game that takes place on a map which changes every time you play.

The basic mechanism of this game is that it uses a deployment log to track the players pieces. There are no physical pieces on the board. The objective is to find your enemy pieces and defeat them. At the same time they are trying to do the same to you. As you visit villages you will encounter spies, allies or sometimes nothing at all.

The Allies you meet may make or break the game. Once you or your opponent has made a mistake, it is very difficult to recover.

Prepare your best poker face and do not give away any clues. Even the cards are designed to be hard to identify if, indeed, your opponent catches a glance.

The game takes about 20 minutes per match and is ideal for ages 12 and up.

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