PotCraft! First Edition


Become a Master Craftsman of Medical Cannabis with this multi-player crafting style puzzle game with mouth watering visuals and detailed trivia on over 20 different plants!


Product description

FINALLY available for you guys to play! It’s PotCraft!

Be a Master Craftsman of Medical Cannabis

In PotCraft you play a farmer who is breeding plant strains together to create the Ultimate Strain. A Simple crafting mechanism, Beautiful cards with great informational content makes PotCraft a well rounded game.

You will use the plants you grow to combine and create other plants until til you craft your Ultimate Strain and win the match. Having only 4 spots in your garden to work with makes it a bit of a puzzle as well.

Its a puzzle game.
It’s a Crafting Game.
Its an educational game.
Its PotCraft!

Note from creator: I just know a lot of you wanted to test it out and so here is the first edition. This version has been tested with up to 3 players, but may handle 4. The game engine won’t change.

-> For the first 100 sold you will get the Brownie Box.

Hope you enjoy playing it as much as we do! All feed back is welcome!


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