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Somnium Test Develop’s Diary Part 9 (Final Diary Post)

Somnium Release Date Set! The Full Moon May 10th, 2017

Hey Everyone! Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, Josh will no longer be involved in this project. We wish Josh luck in what ever his future endeavors hold for him.

No worries though! The game is set for release on Wednesday the night of the full moon. I hope you guys had a chance to see my FIRST LOOKS AT SOMNIUM video.

Somnium is a game in which the users will be summoning and (hopefully) dispelling dark spirits. It’s very fast to learn and fun.

The game includes a letter from us telling more of the background of the story so if you want to know what happened and what this crazy deck of cards is, then I suggest you grab a copy of the game 🙂

DISCLAIMER: I have now had people hand this game back to me like it was the plague! One gentleman even said a prayer after touching it! I want to clarify it is JUST a game. I am certain that we are not summoning things into reality. I am also certain that dark spirits are not following you around and cursing you.

It’s Just A Game.




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