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Somnium Developer’s Diary Part 7 – “THIS ISN’T JUST A GAME”

All right this is out of control. I think I screwed up, guys. I didn’t know what I was making. This isn’t just game. These things don’t stay in the game. I thought I was just creating something from my imagination, but now I see this isn’t just my imagination. This is something that was channeled through me by who knows what. It is dangerous and it WANTS to be shared. 

I am haunted constantly by spirits summoned by these accursed cards. My only solace now lies in the arms of good spirits. I need to play again and again until I can fix the balance. It is almost like a gambling experience. I can’t stop playing, but always seem to end up losing more than I gain! I will do it this time. I will get free of this curse and I will burn these cards and all the research so that it can NEVER be published.

What do you think?

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